Program Committee plans and presents two or three workshops each year, taught by professional teachers, whose techniques and works were highlighted at a general meeting. As well the Guild offers new members a chance to socialize and learn techniques by offering a New Members Workshop each year.


September 18 Tracey Russell from Whirls N Swirls Quilting

Tracey is an APQS dealer and will bring one of her longarm machines with her .
During the day before the meeting we will be quilting community quilts. You’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at longarm quilting and help get some of those tops the guild has quilted. If you’ve been thinking of getting a longarm, this is your chance to really get your groove on and find out if it’s for you in a relaxed, non-stressful environment. Plan to call in sick to work that day and join us!
In the evening at the meeting, Tracey will explain longarm quilting in detail, whether you quilt by cheque or want to get one of your own.

October 16 Kelly Cline from Kansas with Vintage Quilting

We’re bringing Kelly Cline from Kansas with her Quilting Vintage! phenomenon. You can find displays and categories of vintage linens quilted at many of the major US shows now. Taking your grandmother’s doilies, dresser scarves, tablecloths, etc. out of the closet or cedar chest and quilting them is a beautiful way of preserving them for generations to come, and they look absolutely fabulous quilted up on a silk or satin background! If you haven’t seen examples of this yet and are on Facebook, check out the group Quilting Vintage!. It’s maintained by Kelly herself and has almost 7000 members! Her website is You’ll find many examples of what Kelly does with vintage linen pieces there.

Workshop - Quilting Vintage with your Domestic machine will be an all day affair prior to the guild meeting that evening. It’s a take a holiday day. Cost will be approximately $75 for this one as Kelly is American. Between the dollar exchange and travel expenses to fly her up here, the cost could change slightly. (Cost shared with other guilds.)Sign up at the meeting or contact Judy MacLeod to register: